Web Publishing

Complete At Least 2 Assignments (1 Per WordPress Page)

Picture Story – Use 3-5 Memes (or GIFs) to tell a story from the Bible. You can create memes using this website.

Verse Reflection/Inspiration – Using one of your favorite verses or the Bible Keyword search on Bible gateway, write a brief reflection about what the verse means to you. Be sure to include the Bible verse in the Page.

Video Story – Record and upload a 10 second video (from your phone or computer) to YouTube (or another service) and embed it on your website. The video can communicate one of the miracles of Jesus or show how all are children of God, etc.

Remix a Song – Using a song you enjoy, rewrite the lyrics to express a lesson from the Bible. Alternatively, find a story in the Bible and try fitting it to a tune. Bonus if you record and post yourself singing your remix!

Reacting to the Bible – Find one of the crazier stories from the Bible (like Judges 3:20-25) and write a reflection that provides context to the verse.

Twitter Poetry – Write a poem using only tweets. Embed those tweet in order on a Page.

Other – Have another idea? Let’s talk about it! 🙂

Website Requirements

1. Session Reflection – Write a reflection of things you learned today. Be sure to include where our topics apply in your ministry.

2. Contain Menu – Create a menu for your WordPress website that includes all of the work you completed during our session.