We’re going to explore building websites with a tool called WordPress.

Click here to setup a free website

Alternatively, you can create a website using the WordPress app on your phone:

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How To Use WordPress

Content -This is the “meat and potatoes” of WordPress. There are two major ways to publish content in WordPress, either using Pages (webpages in your website) or Posts (blog posts). The main difference are that Pages are reserved for more permanent types of content like Resumes, while Posts would be for a reflection. Both are created using the same editor in WordPress. Click here for a guide about publishing content.

Hyperlinks & Embed Codes – Hyperlinks and embedded content are the “bread and butter” of the internet. They are used to connect websites and content together. For example, you can use the “Chain” icon in the WordPress content editor to link text to another piece of content on the web. Alternatively, rather than linking out to other websites, you can bring content into WordPress using HTML embed codes. Here’s what using an embedded tweet looks like:

Appearance – You are welcome to customize your website as much as you like, time permitting. First, change the theme, then customize the theme further.

Menus – Configure your website’s menu to include all of the work from Youth Workers Academy. Click here for a guide about publishing content (scroll to the bottom to read about menus).

After you complete 1-5, click here to continue to Web Publishing